Being a medium-sized enterprise, LIPRO develops, projects, and assembles luminaires and floodlighting for the operational areas of industry, sports facilities (indoors as outdoors), community lighting as well as traffic infrastructural lighting – while striving for highest precision.

We individually customize and develop the systems and luminaires according to the wishes and needs of the customer in order to meet the field of application best. LIPRO takes pride in numerous successfully installed reference projects of notable customers in all various fields of application.

We would like to introduce ourselves as Austrian manufacturer for technical floodlighting systems with more than forty years of expertise, located in Wals, a suburb of Salzburg, and present our current developments.

Our core competence is floodlighting systems for sports, industry and community applications. LIPRO´s success is not only based on the manufacturing of high-quality technical solutions, but even more in the project-oriented system solutions. LIPRO provides a complete solution beginning with the planning of lights and electrics, followed by professionally assembled products and concluded with installation and maintenance.

We are a member of Association for the Electrical and Electronics Industries (FEEI) and the International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities (IAKS) and industrially produce luminaires, junctions, mounting accessories, cable, and luminaire carrying systems.

Order-related fabrication and execution features the advantage of customized solutions.

According to the FEEI, our enterprise is allocated into the size of 50 employees. This size makes us be more flexible in this branch and thus our strengths are in the implementation of complete and project-related solutions.

Industry demands increasing life times of the floodlighting and luminaires. Many industries in the field of steel, wood, and quarry realized that although standard luminaires are often cheaper in their purchasing price, they are more elaborate in their need for maintenance and thus a lot more expensive in the long run.

For companies with difficult operating conditions, e.g. high dust exposure, oil mist, welding fumes, high or low temperatures and relative humidity we developed lighting solutions especially designed for protection against those circumstances (including corrosion resistance) and ready for long life times while still being economically reasonable.

LOGO_SportNo matter if your sports facility is indoors or outdoors – LIPRO´s core competence is equally valid for both areas. In addition, the customer enjoys many advantages through our solutions we have on hand. Indoor lighting systems based on our multifunctional solution experience great acceptance by the customers. The luminaires are manufactured with a diversity of illuminants in order to reach the individually demanded amount of light needed at the single event taking place via the main light fixture.

Emphasis shall be taken on event solutions with integrated safety & emergency lighting.

Our services include the support in choosing the appropriate fundament, the exact amount of power supply needed as well as the power junctions. LIPRO successfully realized national and international projects ranging from the small court around the block up to stadiums with a capacity for over 60,000 spectators. Especially in the mounting support, counselling, and erection of tall pole structures LIPRO is highly appreciated.

The company LIPRO, established in 1972, initially focused in lighting systems for traffic and train tunnels. These demands of withstanding harsh tunnel environments are increasingly demanded by industry and sports facilities.

Extra installation and easy-to-maintain order-related solutions – from planning over installation to maintenance.